Everything’s always changing

There’s a lot of truth regarding general feeling I got from the Antelman, Lynema, and Pace article: things could be a lot better.

I’ve started seeing a few next-generation features popping up in the OPACs I use most often as a patron, and I absolutely love being able to see reviews of books from multiple sources, as well has being able to see a lot more information about each result of a search. These are cool things, and they’re the kinds of things that people expect, since they’re used to being able to see all that kind of stuff when they look at the entries for the same things on Amazon or imdb.

That article also talked about the difficulty of browsing in many catalogs, and next-generation features like including pictures of the book jacket I’ve been seeing more often, too (though as yet, I haven’t seen a search feature that allows you to look up a book by the color of the cover, which would be a nice feature for public libraries). I think browsing in Overdrive is pretty good. You can see the covers of books and audiobooks that were returned recently and new titles from the homepage, and it’s pretty easy to browse by category as well. Though, I suppose we should expect more browsing-related features from Overdrive, since unlike most OPACs, it doesn’t correspond to a physically browse-able collection.



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2 responses to “Everything’s always changing

  1. I have had students come to the information desk who could not tell me the title or author of a book, but can describe in detail the images and colors on the cover. Be interesting to be able to search by cover descriptions!

    • I know! I half meant it as a joke, but considering how much effort goes into cover designs and how much more memorable many of them are than the titles … that would actually be great, though probably very tricky. I guess “browsing” features are the closest thing we have now, but you’d better hope you remembered at least some part of the author’s name or the title, or have some idea of what the book’s about.

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